Spawning several AIControllers


I’d like to create a strategy-game like control, where you can control several pawns at once, and there are certain heroes with special skills.

So when selecting pawns, there would be a main pawn, which has use able skills, and all the other spawns would only move and/or attack.

I thought of spawning an AIController for the other pawns, and set it’s BlackBoard values by the PlayerController, but that would mean spawning several Controllers every time the player chooses other units.

I really don’t like this way, is there a better one? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Current design is to have one controller per pawn. If you had every pawn have its own controller from the very spawn it would not be a big problem since an AIController instance is not terribly memory consuming. We do plan to make structural changes that would allow one to have a controller control multiple pawns, but it’s not going to happen soon.