Spawning resources like ore patches from Factorio (Alternatives to Perlin Noise sought)

Hi there,

I build a 2D World Generator with Simplex Noise and I am quite happy with the result.
Now I would like to add resource patches like in Factorio but I feel that Perlin/Simplex Noise isnt really suitable for that, because I need:
Control over size, amount of patches, distance between them… overall just much more control.
Not impossible with noise, but too difficult. And even when you think you got the right settings its all over board a few chunks away :smiley:

I spent weeks tweaking noise, Im probably blind now for a straight forward solution, so I am looking for fresh ideas to clear my mind.

Here is a picture of one chunck. I would like to have ore patches where the red circles are. Just as an example. Without using noise one problem would be the continuation to the next chunck (I imagine)

Appreciate your input :slight_smile: