Spawning repeated uses of media textures with different timings?

Hey all,

So for a project I’m working on, I need to create a system that will spawn a set of cubes, each with their own media texture, every time the player hits a collision box. Imagine a rollercoaster, and each check point, it spawns an animation.

So, lets say I have 50 cubes, and each check point, I want to use a few of those cubes. Here are a few questions I have about media textures and this system…

  1. What would be the best way to use a media texture repeatedly in the same scene, and would it be possible to have seperate instances of ONE media texture playing at different times? AKA, a 10 second media texture that is started, then started on a seperate mesh 2 seconds later without interrupting the first?
  2. Is it possible to instance blueprints to be different on a per instance level?


You will need a separate MediaPlayer per timing.

Please note that each player will create its own decoder, so if you’re playing the movie at ten different timings simulatenously, then you’re decoding ten videos at the same time. This approach is not scalable and will bog down even the fastest computers very quickly.

The number of players that can play simultaneously large depends on the hardware and the size of the video.

Thanks for the reply.

Would the UMG UI designer be a better option for me? I’m trying to basically just make simple UI elements that work on a mess of cubes. The issue is that there will be many instances of these cubes that come in and out of existence.

For UI you should use UMG, yes, especially if it’s supposed to be interactive. I don’t know if we officially support UMG on 3D surfaces yet. I have seen a prototype of this working last year. I will reassign this thread to someone else for comments.

I think you might be misunderstanding what I’m looking for which is okay because I’m not really well versed in this at all.

What I’m going for is an animated scenery of sorts. Basically, trying to make a setting that is made up of these cubes that animate. The effect I’m going for is something like this:

I’m also trying to figure out how to get animated planes like this:

I think both of those links I made will give you a good idea of the direction I’m looking. Because they’re so simple, maybe there’s a way to get around media textures and instead approach it some other way?


I’m not able to see the second video link. I fixed up the first link. After watching it, I still don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish. The cube shown in that video contains point clouds of 3D objects, not videos or UI textures projected onto the cube’s faces.

Can you maybe explain the use case a little more?