Spawning Radial Force Component through Character BP

I was wondering if it’s possible to spawn a radial force component from the player character without it affecting the character itself?

Reason I’m asking is that after trying numerous ways of spawning a different actor with a radial force component attached to it and wanting it to ignore my character, I can’t do it without changing object types of various blueprints and such, so I figure the only way for my character to not get sucked in (the basic concept is a ball of sorts that sucks enemies in, but not the player character) is for me to spawn a radial force component from the character BP.

Haven’t ever tried this, but there are ‘Set Ignore Owning Actor’ / ‘Set Ignore Radial Force’ bools.
If none of that worked, it’d be interesting to test if applying a reverse force would neutralize it etc…

Yeah, those are all set to true, just wondering on how I can simply set a Radial Force Component without attaching it to anything in particular.

Not at my rig, but there are Add Force / Add Impulse at Location nodes (not Component based).
Or create / spawn invisible mesh / BP and fire Radial Force from it (many ways to approach this).

That’s what I tried to do the first time, but adding the Radial Force through another actor won’t ignore the player character.

Ok, so what happens right now, specifically how does the radial force actor affect the hosting character…???
Is the character affected in an identical way to the other actors nearby or is this a possible bug in the engine?

Meantime, I’d be looking for a temporary workaround. Not sure what that is exactly, or what it will look like etc.
But it might be something like temporarily disabling physics during the period the Radial-Force actor is firing…
Depending on the circumstance, I’d even look at changing collision on some of the character components etc.
So does temporarily / permanently changing the Query-collision options-checkboxes make a difference here?

Also, is there anything unique about your character that is overriding these 2 Bools?
Would testing this on a generic character in another project shed some light maybe…