Spawning Powers ups Randomly every now and then

hi, im pretty new to UE4 but one thing i cant figure out is how to make a power up spawn now and then and not all the time e2067d5e8935095fd7ce0c89fdd0fdbeee0fa4d1.jpegfor example when spawning coins/points this is my layout

What would i need to change or add to the spawn lives/coin multiplier ect to make them only spawn every now and then randomly, Screenshots would be appreciated

im not sure what you mean by now and then. is your problem that he spawns them all at once?
“For loops” always execute them all at once with out time delay.

If you want to spawn the coin after a random time over and over again you could make a “timer for functions” that starts on “event begin play”. plug a random float in range inside the time. now im not sure whether a “looping timer” (set the bool on the timer to loop) works under this conditions but you can clear the timer and restart it after one coin spawned in your spawncoin function.

well bascically im followed the playlist for the unreal engine 4 endless runner tutorial, So that you have a platform and it keeps respawning infinte times, so when i try put a timer delay on spawn power up function it waits that amount of time to summon in each platform, and if i do nothing then the lifes spawn as frequent as the coins 1 every platform which is clearly to overpowered