Spawning/Possess pawn from class causes all controls except left stick to not work

I am working on a split screen multiplayer flying game and when the controller possesses the spawned pawn I can only control side to side movement (Rotating on the Z axis) with the left stick of the Xbox controller, all other Action/Axis mappings do not work. (Print String shows no change in input value when I press right trigger to move forward for example.)

Previously the blueprint was working with no problems however I changed things around to make it easier to add more ships to the game and spawn function was moved from the Level BP to the Game Mode BP. I have included a picture of the old BP that worked as well as the new one that is not. I am at a complete loss as to why only the Yaw/Pitch/Roll controls are moving the pawn yet nothing else works.



Any help is appreciated, thanks.

The Any Key Event on my title screen/persistent level to advance to the menu was causing all of the headaches… changed it to the start button and now everything is working again. Probably best to avoid the Any Key Event all together.