Spawning object on destruction

Lets say that I have a crate that I want to break. I have already set up collisions and created a destructible mesh with a blueprint that references it. How would I go about spawning an object that would be inside the crate when it breaks? Thanks.

Well, if the object is hollow, you could have it spawned within the object at creation. Otherwise, spawn an item at the location roughly where the center or middle of the crate would be. Or are you asking how to detect if an item is broken?

This is actually easy to do just create a custom event and then on the event use a Spawn Object from class and choose the object or blueprint you want to spawn. remember you will need to make a reference to self for the location information to spawn it at the spot of the destructible object.
if you need a node drawing let me know but you should be able to figure it out from what I described.

Trying to trigger an event when the crate is broken. I think I’m going to have to wait until 4.2 for this one. There is a bug that crashes the editor when you use blueprints on destructible objects.