Spawning Object/Actor at Plane Intersection(ie floor meets wall, wall meets ceiling, etc...)

Okay I am still relatively new to unreal engine, but my question is pretty specific. I will give you what i have thus far. So basically I am spawning a crate at a Line Trace Impact point. So for the most part it works, here is what I have so far: I draw a line from the camera to my cross hair and it extends about 1k units, when that line hits something I first draw a collision volume around that point to check for any collisions, if there are none i spawn the crate. Now where the problem lies is when i am trying to spawn at intersecting planes such as a floor and a wall, of course this only occurs when the line trace hits a point that is really close to the intersection, because it draws a box at the point which then draws a volume at that encompasses the wall and or floor inside the volume. What i want to do is spawn the box flush with the wall and the floor even if the point is close to the intersecting actors, i know the solution seems pretty straight forward, but its not. I have tried adjusting the spawn location manually using the surface normal data(forwardVector, RightVector, UpVector, and reversing them), however since we are dealing with 3d space this can only work in specific cases. I am going to attach a picture to explain what i mean. If you look at the photo you will see 2 dots that is the impact point and the box on the left is a successful spawn and the one on the right(red box) is an unsuccessful spawn. I would appreciate any advice that a seasoned developer/unreal dev could provide.

Thanks again,