Spawning multiple actors with physics and sphere collision

So i’m trying to test a “treasure chest” and i wanted the spawned actor to “pop out” and have some physics so it looks like it rains coins.

The thing is it works to some degree. But if i spawn like 50 actors some seem to loose the ability to be picked up.
I also noticed this if i let them spawn up higher. They land have seem to glide a bit(some even fall into place) and i’m not able to pick some up.

This is the “treasure chest”

I know the actor that spawns in the treasure chest looks a bit like a mess :p. But it works. The only thing is i think the physics are screwing with something.

Also i added a sphere collision so i was able to pick them up while the mesh still has physics.
It FEELS like the collision sphere dissapears or the code breaks when spawned. I don’t know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!