Spawning multiplayer issue

Hello :slight_smile: !

Im trying to spawn my player when a map gets loaded without success, i’ve been trying for several hours now, watching alot of video but im not able to get my player to spawn.
I dont remember having so much issue with very older version (4.9 ±).

  1. i made a custom gamemode
  2. i set the default pawn to none (because i’ll need to set it from player choice)

With dedicated server activated the client1 never get a pawn possessed, without dedicated server it is working but only for the server, the client1 is out of map without pawn.

Test without server-client logic:

Now testing a logic server-client, only server get a pawn + possess:

Even multicasting everything, im never able to get a pawn possessed.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Best regards,