Spawning More Than 4 AI Causes a Cast to Fail?

So I’ve been trying to optimize my method of spawning AI by using the SpawnAIFromClass Node. This works great, i’m able to spawn the ai and get all the variable values I need. The problem is that on the 5th+ time I spawn one on a single event, the spawn simply fails for no obvious reason. Everything is exactly the same on the 5th line, so I’m wondering if there’s some hard limit to the amount you can spawn (note that i’m using different spawn locations) or if its a bug.

Alright it seems that the problem wasn’t in my script, but in my placement of the spawn nodes I use. Placing them a generous height above the ground magically fixes the problem. For some reason the engine didn’t think there was enough room to spawn an AI, so it just didn’t, hence why the cast failed on the last one. God.