Spawning modified Actor using the variable from another actor

Hello! Oof, my first time here…
So, I’ve got a question for ya, community! As a beginner, I’m kinda struggling with some simple things:

I’m making the weapon generator, good progress so far! It has multiple blank ChildActors, which I fill using the WeaponConstructor.

I’d like to store the created Weapon Actor with all Childs (attachments) inside and then spawn it whenever I need it to.

I do know how to spawn actor using a class, however I’d like to spawn it from the variable.

Anyone know how to do so?

P.S. Getting the class from my desired actor variable doesn’t keep the childs in.
P.S.S. I don’t mind overhauling whole thing, rewriting it to Structs or something like that. If that thing i’m talking about won’t work - what would be your approach?

I would not use the ChildActor Component as it doesn’t work in online multiplayer and that is what I normally work with.

The Components of the weapon I would probably make from StaticMeshComponent.

If only a handful of predefined weapons would be needed then I would create Child Blueprint classes one for each of the presets and just spawn them by class.

If you need a lot of variation you could spawn the weapons using a Data Table.

You could also do something modular where you spawn a weapon and add components at run-time.