Spawning meshes to exact co-ordinates from content browser?

Hi All,

I have another question that I really don’t know how to word properly. So, I am trying to build an environment made of modular meshes to be mapped in directly from their co-ordinates in 3ds max. When I import into content browser and the drag into my level, obviously it treats the cursor as the origin point and the mesh is offset from the origin where it is in 3ds max, and remains that way whilst you drag it into place.

What I’m wondering is; is there a way to spawn a mesh right from the content browser into the UE4 level at an exact co-ordinate per where it is placed in 3ds max? I guess this is assuming that UE4 has an origin point that can be used. I want to cut out the act of ‘dragging’ pieces into the level and have them mapped in per their co-ordinates, so that when I build new pieces, I can map them directly into the right place in the level without the guesswork involved with dragging and moving around manually.

Hopefully this makes sense? It’s really difficult to word properly! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in Advance.