Spawning meshes from content browser without specific references

Hello, is there a way to import all meshes from a folder and place them in a given position?
For example I want to import all meshes from the folder “/Game/Meshes” and place them in 0,0,0.

It is essential that I do in without specific references to each object since I want to have 100+ meshes and would want to change them without having to start over with blueprinting.

Thankful for all help!

Working on this right now. Still no answers?

BP not working with files. I had same proble. You think right, but all meshes you must put in array by hand. Another way is C++.

Are you sure about that? I thought BP had the same functionality as C++.
BP can for example write to files, why not read file locations etc?

Is this really that hard? Nobody knows how…?

I know how now!