Spawning issue, player location

I have a kind of amusing bug. If a players spawn is chosen when a player is standing it will spawn the player but seems to launch them to the other side of the map.

I’ve tried ignore collision adjust location etc. it’s not exactly game breaking but has anyone else encounter this. I’d prefer it if they just spawned next to the player. But it’s almost like they slide off the existing player with a ton Of speed.

The collision check spawning options don’t do anything? That’s odd.

Maybe you could try to immediately Teleport the player to their spawning location after spawning them. Teleport does collision checks and is supposed to adjust the location accordingly.

You know it’s almost as if it’s using the step up on and the player is sliding off the other player but oddly at light speed because we’re not talking small displacement. The character is in the other side of the map against a wall which would be a good 80k units away from its spawn point.