Spawning in level blueprint

Not sure how to ask or what I am looking for but here goes I play a game where the AI cab build a base some distance away from player base but only after the player has put down his beacon or locator showing on the map where there own base is. Now with the ai base in the game I am playing the AI are not really building the base the engine is parts at a time until base is down and the AI will protect it from player if said player is in agro range. Ai will also attack player base randomly. My question is what am I looking for in help with this video doc etc Not sure where to start and dont know what I am looking for. From what I have heard the building is done with level blueprint? I think If any one could help That would be great Thanks

From what you have here, I’d just recommend checking out gun turret videos. Start simple.

As a general rule, only put stuff in the level BP, that you have to. Two reasons for that:

  1. Getting information and events back and forth between the level BP and other actors is a pain in the proverbial.

  2. The engine is ‘object orientated’, which means that you get a much easier ride if you code as much logic as you can into each object. In this case turrets.

A random vid that comes to mind: