Spawning Dinos using Dodo Rex Boss Tribute issue

**[FONT=comic sans ms]*Hi there, so here’s my problem.
I successfully edited the boss tribute so the blueprint is inside a custom crafting station. But here’s the problem :

When I craft the dodo rex, it’s instant tamed and perfect, so a lv.150 is 225 in example. But, when I “craft” the Ankylo or any other dinos, it’s wild… but I can’t figure out why…
I tried to Check the Force tame option inside the tribute, but seems like it’s not doing anything, and unchecked the dodorex still spawn tamed so my guess is I have to edit something else of more but I have no idea what… I’ve been turning around for hours and I couldn’t find the solution.

So basically I just want to spawn a tamed dino. Not wild.***