spawning different animations in AR

I am trying to create a proof of concept with AR for android.
I am using the Android kit, not the default unreal one.
The AR demo is very simple, is a single character that spawns every time someone touch the screen. Now I have created this array that every spawn will have a different color, and now I am trying to get a different animation for each spawn.
I am using the blueprint inside the character, but I am lost on how to call each animation.
I am guessing I need to create a blueprint animation with all sequences loaded on it? and then how I can randomly each one of them??
Your help is appreciated.

OK so after several tutorials online I figure out a way to change animations with Blueprints, but in this case, it change the animation is all spawned characters.
I would like to each time a character spawn it has a different animation.
I created a BP with a general Variable, boolean to switch between two machine state animations.
Then called that variable from the BP pawn, on the AR for android, but it changes the animation for all spawned characters.
any tips would be appreciated.

Well, I figure out a way to make this works, the complex part was to find the right place to put the code in the Android template. it is way more complex than the default Unreal one, but it seems to work better.
If anyone is interested I can explain how I made it work, let me know.