Spawning Bots


I created a spawning based on a target point but when i spawn my bots the stay floating and do nothing as they are not in the nav mesh.

So I activated physics and then the bots just ragdoll.

The bots floating:


the bots ragdolling at spawn:


you can’t set them to sim physics on spawn, only after they are dead or being blown away that have some sort of recovery period.

then how do i get them to spawn on the floor?

Looks like you just need to translate the model down in the component tab in the Blueprint. He is more than likely above your collision capsule in there.

you can always refer to how the default blue man is setup. Bot should set up in similar manner.

the model is based on the blue man. I just changed the mesh.


The blue man is the same way, slightly floats above the ground. Simple translate down in the Z fixes it.