Spawning Blueprints issues

Good evening.

I’m making an algorithm to spawn a cerain numbers of Blueprints in a given location of another blueprint. But I’m having some issues:

First of all, i set two integer variables in my Game Mode:

Then i call this value in my “******” class blueprint (the one who spawns the others)

I have to make some stuff on these two variables, set a new variable in the ****** Blueprint and update the GameMode Blueprint value of the other two integers.
Unfortunately, I can’t seem to be able to read the variables in the GameMode Blueprint. When in debug mode, i see “not in scope” in the values of the integers i have to read.

At another location, I spawned another blueprint. For some reason, the spawned Blueprint has not collisions (if i manually place the Blueprint in the level, collisions work fine. The Y location of the spawned Blueprint is -1 so it is fine.)

Can you please help me in these two problems?
Thank you.

For some reason, the word M O T H E R is banned, i swear i didn’t write anything offensive :smiley:

For your first trouble, i have only ideas to try, but i hope that will help a bit. First i would delete the sequence and set variables in same line than save check to avoid parallel issue. Then i would check that the save check doesn’t erase the variable set. (if there is a load ofr example)

About your collision issue, have you try to drag a wire from spawnactor and use a set collision ?

Edit : And if you talk about parent blueprint, you’ll no more have banned word issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi ,

We checked and removed Mother from the bad words filter, you should now be able to say this without censorship.

Thank you. The problem on the enabling manually the collision is that i cannot make a cast on the spawned actor since i will spawn a random actor…

I’m trying for the other problem