Spawning Beaver dams and huts

How do I get beaver huts and dams to spawn , do I use server side?

I know they are in the beaver character bp , but they don’t spawn , what is the spawn setting to get them to spawn faster?

Cheat Summon BeaverDam_C

That will spawn one infront of you.

I’m sorry , I didn’t mean spawn one with a cheat ,I want them to spawn on their own in the server , I get the beavers are spawning ok but the dams don’t , I let the server run for a day (testing) and they don’t spawn , I saw a setting for unstasis,max structures in radius,structure check radius, and create dam interval but they don’t seem to do anything , I just don’t know what they mean, I’m new to this dev kit , so its hard for me to explain what I need .

Hi dgarvin, I know this has been a while since the post however… I am having the same problem, also the Wyvern Nests for eggs not auto spawning. Did you find how to do it?

Parrotts , still have not found a way to spawn dams yet but on the wyren nest and eggs I just copied the dragon nest spawner from the SE map and pasted it in my persistant level and gave it new server huge spawns , hope this helps you

Hey mate, thanks for your reply. I have been told that for beaver dams, the terrain has to be set to ground terrain, mine was set to ground only, I have changed it but still no beaver dams as yet, will keep you posted. I was also told to copy the nest spawner for SE, I did that and ended up getting 1 egg so far :). None since then but:(
Thanks again for your reply.