Spawning and taming a dino

I am currently trying to spawn a dino using a grenade, so when I throw the grenade out pops a dino, a raptor in this case, however I wish to tame the dino that I have spawned, How would I go about this. I have already seen several threads on using a primal item to spawn a dino and there is an option to auto tame a spawned actor, however the dinos spawns but it isnt tamed.
Any help is appreciated.

Scratch that, I was being silly. However How would I get a reference to the dino that I have spawned, say I would like to change its name.

You can set just about anything on spawn if you cast to the dino you are spawning from the return value of the spawn actor node

The SpawnDino blueprint function will spawn a dino of a selected class, at a specific location and level. It returns a reference to the new Dino. If you find a way to tame it though I would be very interested. I have tried using the TameDino function and setting auto Tameable on the spawn without success.

Try adding a tame dino and set targeting team node to the return of the spawn dino node

could you post a code snip?

No problems Think I have it:


PC is a ShooterPlayerController

This spawns a tame level x trike

Tried this. Dino is in my team but… I cant access his inventory.
Tried to go far away till dino enter in stasis, then come back, but same result…
Tried unclaim/claim, same result.

Any idea about it?

Ps: Tried with a Dodo, a Direwolf and a Mantis. No inventory available?

Tried to set dino MyInventoryComponent with a TamedDinoInventoryMantis, but no effect.

Another Way…