Spawning and Possessing an Actor only works on server..

So I’m trying to make a system where once you log in an actor is spawned and you possess it. I’m using the Action RPG Inventory system so it references a custom player character. It works in on the server but not on clients.

I have created a loggedout pawn which is just a static camera and a login widget is added. Here is the code for when you press the login button (for now):

And inside the inventory player controller is this code:

Maybe call a server function on the controller (from the button), and that function calls a function with the spawn actor node? This works for me… the Server_Respawn is called from a button on a Rip Screen Widget.

Sure thats great but how do I get the playercontroller reference in the widget?

I mean my code works on the server, but when executed on the client it doesn’t possess the new actor it spawns, it spawns it but does not possess it…

EDIT: Figured it out…didn’t make my “Begin Movement” a clientside operation…