Spawning and Picking up Resources

Okay, here it goes. I could have actors (items) in the level and pick them up just fine. However, I added a Projectile Movement Component so that when it spawns into the level it moves just a little bit away from the character. For some reason, I can no longer pick up the item. When debugging it, it stops at the “Name == Name” Branch. What’s going on here?

If I remove the Projectile Movement component, everything picks up fine. I’m so confused. So in order to spawn these into the level they have to float in space and not move at all?

I did find a temporary solution, but I’d like a better answer if anyone has one. Instead of casting to the master and finding the name of the resource, I casted to each individual reasource (cast to one, on cast failed, cast to the next). This is working properly, but I fear with so much dynamic casting that it will cause the game to fail.