Spawning and connecting premade rooms with static mesh


Im fairly new to unreal engine/C++ and working with procedural dungeon with premade rooms.

I want to spawn and connect rooms with connection points, the problem is i can’t access blueprints child components before spawning it. I have been looking some examples and looks like people just spawn room and move it after that but id like to use static mesh that are not able able to move after spawning. One solution i have been thinking is to “hardcode” all connection point withing room but thats not very effective way to use time.

im using SpawnActorDeferred and have attached struct with transform and boolean “used” to my room blueprint so i can access to that data before spawning, is there way to parse all lets say arrow components transforms in room blueprint to this structure array before compilation or is there way to attach transform varaible to blueprint and have some kind of visual presentation of it in editor window?