Spawning and adding a second attack

Yeah it’s me again ^^

So I was wondering if anyone here knows a little bit more about spawning the dinos you create and to like replace the vanilla ones with your modified dinos to spawn.

I need both variants actually.

I would like to let my Thyla spawn instead of the normal vanilla Thyla and for example as well my own Unicorn than the vanilla one.
So far, I made a new dino entry and copied as well the spawnentries for those dinos.

What I have done then, was adding the dino entries in the blueprint of the mod itself under additional dino entries.
Afterwards I looked for the NPC section in it and placed them in remap npc entries… my question now is, is that already enough or do I need to do more?

And how do I make it for dinos, which shouldn’t replace anything, but should spawn themselves?

And another thing I am struggling with… I want to add a second attack to a hyeanodon which is rideable, though no matter what I try, it won’t do anyhting. The first attack works fine. I deleted all other animations it had like jump attack and all and added a new attack which should let him howl when i click the right mouse button… but sadly nothing happens. Anyone knows if there is anything else I need to change to add a second and maybe a third attack to a dino while ridden?

Thanks for your help!

That remap NPCs should be enough to get it to take over spawns.

As for making a second attack.
Look at pretty much any other flyer.

Plus I think it was P0k3r made this video.
Some things to remember, each attack needs to have an animation with it, or it doesn’t seem to work. (This is from personal experience.)