Spawning an actor to targetpoint from trigger

Alright so I want to spawn a Sphere that will roll down a slope but I want multiple instances with a delay. This small “loop” needs to start when the players walks over a box trigger.
The trigger will also teleport you to the beginning of the slope but I’ve already done that one.
I just need help with the spawning of the Spheres at the targetpoint and the “loop”

All help is appreciated.
Kind regards,

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try it out

I think you can add to trigger action to spawn actor from class and set spawning actor class of your ball. You can set dynamic spawning point in transform.
Then in spawned ball blueprint you can set vector timeline to move location of ball after spawn

Alright I’ve added it but the sphere spawns as an oval not a ball and I also dont really understand the “You can set dynamic spawning point in transform.”
The spawning is working so thats great!

First one is the spawned object, second one the trigger box

could you send picture of your spawning blueprint and blueprint of spawned object ?

Just doubleclick on timeline a

nd setup vector change, so you can set up value of each XYZ at specific time, start from 0 value of each and add values

Alright I’ll try it out thanks

It still doesnt spawn as a ball, do I need to make a construction script aswell ?

Is your scale set up right in viewpoint of blueprint?

It’s set to 1 by 1 by 1 and it looks like a perfect ball aswell in the viewport

Hmm try set up after spawn set actor scale