Spawning AIs on different locations

Hi guys,

sry Im a bloody UE beginner but I want to "solve" small challenges to learn more about this engine and its logic :D At first I have to say that I googled a lot for a solution of the following question. So if you find something withing seconds with using google, its not because Im lazy - maybe Im too stupid for google but I really tried it :smiley:

I want to create 2 floor meshes. After a while ingame an AI should spawn on one or both of it. I know how to spawn AIs - that`s easy, but I dont know the logic. Which kind of blueprints do I need? Do I need one for the mesh or simply use the gamemode or level BP?

For testing I build it in my player mesh (3rd person starter content). But then the AI only spawns when I pressed the key for it and they are not spawning on the floor meshes… yeah, I could use the exact coordinates, but i want that the AIs automatically spawn after X seconds on the meshes.