Spawning Ai

AnyOne Got Any Idea How I Can Create A Blueprint That Will About 10Ai In The Map But The Keep Increasing The NUmber so when It Spawns Again It Woll Spawn 11 Then 12 Many Thanks

For Loop with an Int variable for the Max Iterations or Loops. Example, NumToSpawn. Plug that NumToSpawn variable into the Max connection for the For Loop. On the Complete, increment the NumToSpawn +1. Next time it runs the loop, it will be a higher number.

I Cant Find A Loop That Says Max Connection On It Please Help

For Loops take a number for how many times they should loop. Make sure its just a For Loop not a For Each Loop

It’s just a “For Loop”, whatever the last input is that is close to a maximum number of times or iterations. I forget what it actually says on the node itself. When you type “for loop” on the context-sensitive helper, select the For Loop and it comes with two Integer connections. The bottom one is what I was referring to.

ok thanks mate il try that

does this look right

this is ony spawning 1 and then does nothing

Works Now Thanks Just Got To Work Out How To Make it count players

Well, first of all you have to give the NumtoSpawn variable a higher number than 0 to start with. Second, take out that ++ node (it will not work unless you “power it up”, need to have the Exec connections hooked up to something), hook the NumtoSpawn directly to the Last Index (thank you) connection. On the Complete, drag out a line and Set NumtoSpawn. Drag a line out from the left connection and hook an Integer + Integer node to it. Plug the NumtoSpawn into one connection on the Integer + Integer node and put a 1 in the other.

The count of players is in the NumtoSpawn. If you give it 10, you will have 11 NPCs spawned in. If you give NumtoSpawn the number 17, you will have 18 NPCs spawned in. With the First Index on the For Loop set to 0, it will count from 0 to whatever NumtoSpawn is set to, so in effect you will have NumtoSpawn+1 NPCs spawned into the level.

is this right

this isnt working this way i just spawns five every time

it works but 5 is it max it wont spawn any more than five at a time

if its not to much can someone take some photos of how i would count how many players are in game thanks

iv been told to do this but how can i get this work in a diffrent blueprint iv also been told it cant be in the same blueprint
Have an exposed Int variable increment by +1 for every spawn it creates. Have the same Int variable “decrement” by -1 for every spawn that is destroyed. When the Int variable reaches 0 (zero), do your print string just for you as a test.

need help stil


I made an example of this months ago. It does exactly what you want. If you can’t follow along with those blueprint images then you definitely need to go and watch tutorials on programming.

Thants Perfect Thanks For All Your Help