Spawning Actors in Editor


Is there any way to spawn a Blueprint Actor in the editor (so before the game actually starts)? I understand the reasons behind the restriction of using the ‘SpawnActorFromClass’ node in the construction script, but right now that would be the exact functionality that I am after, I would manage the lifetime of the spawned actors myself. Searching on the forums, I found a solution that suggets to use the ‘SpawnActorsFromClass’ node in a function, and call that function from the construction script, however it doesn’t seem to work anymore, the created actor will be null (so I guess it doesn’t get created at all).

For certain reasons, I do not want to use child actor components for this, so I would be really happy if someone could come up with a solution/idea.


I believe you can Copy/Paste the SpawnActorFromClass node into the CS. Not sure if that is still possible but give it a go? The last i heard is that they left the ability to copy/paste it in for this exact reason, if you understand the consequences of doing this and you are prepared to manage the spawned Actors yourself.


Thanks for your answer! I tried every trick I could come up with, including the one you have mentioned, but unfortunately I’m getting a 'Conflicting nodes substituted during paste!" warning, and the node doesn’t appear.

Is there really no way to do this?

You can use Blutility as an alternative (infact i think it was intended to replace that type of functionality on some level as well).

Building scripts and using them in the Editor is its primary purpose. This might be what your looking for.

Thank you very much, it seems like this is exactly what I am looking for! I have heard about it, but never checked out properly what is it for, it definitely was a mistake.

Thanks again!