Spawning actors in Blueprint

When spawning actors through Blueprint it would be very helpful if we could set the values of that actor in the SpawnActor node. Just like a constructor when doing C++.

As it is now, you have to use XX Set nodes after you have spawned the actor to make it behave as you want if you don’t want to use the default values.

A bullet. These come in different shapes with different sounds, different speeds, different weight, different drag etc etc.

As it is now I use 4 set nodes after I spawn my bullet.


just a thought out of the blue…

Couldnt you make a BP for each projectile with its individual settings and then spawn that in your BPs…
So in this case you would have 4 bullet BPs…


In C++ a property can be flagged as ExposeOnSpawn and will appear as a pin on the SpawnActor node when you select that class, similarly Expose on Spawn is a property that can be set on a blueprint property via the detail panel.