Spawning actor problem.. Beginner

Hey guys, i’ve got a little problem that i can’t seem to have the knowledge to resolve myself and so i’d like some opinions if you have any. I’ve got a blueprint called “BP_BoomBlock” where I’ve got a little scrip so when hit one of these Blocks with my character they are destroyed and the player receives a number a points depending of the Block color. The thing is that i want there to be a random chance for that block to drop an item created in a blueprint “BP_Upgrade1”. My problem is that i don’t know how i should get it to spawn at the location of the “BP_BoomBlock” that i have placed in the level. I tried using the “SpawnActor from class” but i can’t seem to how should i get the “Spawn Transform” of the “BP_BoomBlock”.

You can get the location of your BP_BoomBlock with GetActorLocation.

Thamk you for the help, I wanted to overcomplicate the actual situation and that got me into thinking like a mad man. Still thanks for the time and help.