Spawning actor facing player

I assume this is pretty simple but cannot for the life of me figure out how to spawn an actor facing me. I currently have it spawning in front, but isn’t always facing me based on the rotation. The closest I’ve gotten is this.

get node “Find look at locastion”. as start put there actor location, as end put your camera location.

There are many more vector and rotation nodes. all start with “makerot”
Do almost same thing as find look at rotation, but in different flavors.

Aslo good hint: find single node you need in palette (not right click dropdown list which does not show all of nodes).
Remeber where that node is (its category and subcategori3es), then clear search and manually go to that place,
there are many cases when you can find great nodes but you just do not know they exist.

This is a recurrent question in these forums…

Pieces of this graph contains what you want to do:

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