Spawning actor at end of animation

How should I set up an enemy that would spawn another enemy at the end of an animation? Thanks for the help in advance and please be as detailed as possible as I’m still quite new :slight_smile:

Since there’s a dozen or so different kinds of animations, consider clarifying what animation you mean.

Well there are a few like spawning flames that would move towards the player or arrows fired from a bow things like that :slight_smile:

Flames can be moved with a Timeline - it has a finished event.

An arrow should be a projectile. You provide velocity or rotation + speed. It can trigger something OnHit or when it gets Destroyed.

Both are events than may evoke something else.

None of the above are, technically, animations, though.

I’m making a pixel art game so I wasn’t sure how to word it other than that sorry :sweat_smile: but I figured at the end of an attack animation it would spawn the projectile and I don’t really know how to do that :sweat_smile:

Create an actor blueprint, add a ProjectileMovement component, and adjust the settings. When your animation finishes, spawn this projectile with a “Spawn Actor From Class” node. Delay nodes or Anim Notifys can be used to adjust the timing.


Thanks a ton I’ve been racking my brain on had to get it done and lined up with the sprites :slight_smile:

I tried to make a pixel art game in UE4, I gave up in two weeks because paper 2D is so bad compared to Unity and godot, and just started doing it in 3D. I really hope the UE4 devs demand more focus on Paper 2D, because it’s annoying how to have an engines full capabilities, we need to learn another engine instead of sticking with the one we know. If you want my advice, and you’re a beginner, make a space shooter. That’ll be simple enough for someone, and it’s 3D (what you’ll be working with until the day after forever). If you’re looking to UE4 for a 2D game career, my advice is don’t. Use Godot or Unity instead. But UE4 is so much better than both of this in 3D. Just my 2 cents

To be honest I’ve been bouncing between the ideas of 2d vs 3d but overall I’m still glad I’m learning alot with both, what issues were you encountering with paper 2d if you don’t mind me asking?

AI sensing was where I called it. It’s terrible in paper 2D. With many things, it doesn’t even function. In general,it’s just more difficult to do anything. You can’t even use anim blueprints. They really do have to add more functionality for it, because whenever I decide to make my horror game (it’ll be in 2D) I’ll go to either Unity or Godot (probably unity) and make it there. Might as well learn some basic Unity anyways.