Spawning a Variable class actor blueprint and trigger its events

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I’m trying to spawn a blueprint based on a changing class actor variable. I then set that as an Actor Variable but i cant figure out how to trigger that spawned blueprints function. also the exposed parameters of the blueprint don’t show up in the spawn actor function.

the SceneA Variable acts the way i want and gives me the options i want but Set01 is the general way i need to interact with it.
I don’t always know what blueprint will be spawning or what exposed parameters the blueprint will have, but i need to be able to set those parameters on spawn.

All the blueprints will all have the same event names

image with notes below


You may just have to set those values from the reference once it is spawned in, you’ll just have to cast it to the correct class.

I’m relatively new to blueprints but i’ve tried to cast to Actor/Actor Class/ Widget blueprint off of Set01 and none of them have access to the event functions on the blueprint. Is there a way to get events on an actor maybe?

You can only set parameters at spawn if your blueprints have a common base class. You could for instance make a blueprint that derives from Actor and implements the shared functionality (let’s call it “base”), and then derive your blueprints from this one blueprint class, you can then make a variable that is a class reference to a class that derives from “base” (set variable type to “base” and instead of object reference choose “class”). If you now wire that variable into your SpawnActor node, you’ll get all variables marked as “expose on spawn” on “base”.

If your base class has all the data needed to implement the shared functions, you can implement them there. If you need data of your derived blueprints for the functions, you can use a blueprint interface.

Thank you, i think this is what i needed

thanks! that worked for the events. Do you have an idea about solving the problem in the middle of the image where the exposed parameters don’t show up on the spawn actor class when I use the actor class variable instead of a specific actor class?

thats just not possible to do. you cant have parameters/ variables exposed if the actor to be spawned doesnt have the variables. its like saying your spawn could be anything from people to cars, and your trying to set a tire variable when spawned. obviously the people wont have that variable so it would be an error hance why you cant do it. if your actors derive from a common class then set your class variable type to the most basic class you can (the parent class) that still retains the needed variables.