Spawning A Shield in Front of Character - Help Needed Please

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a third person shooter game and need some help. If a player has stock of shields in his inventory, he is able to first press a button to initiate the shield placement (basically you can move it around a set distance in front of you so you can place it exactly where you want) and then pressing the same button again to deploy the shield and physically spawn it into the world (this time with collision enabled).

Could someone please assist in at least getting me started?
A video below of the system I am trying to replicate. From 0:10 seconds onwards, you can observe the system as he keeps placing shields to move forwards.

All advice is much appreciated.


Hi Mate,

Kinda looks easy enough. What I would do, on first button press, Have the shield already in you BP, but hidden.

Press button, make visible, hit button again, hide one on player and spawn one at location, you could use an arrow or something like that