Spawning a projectile through anim loop

Does anyone have any experience with spawning an emitter or projectile system through an animation state? Basically at a certain point of an animation loop while attacking I’m attempting to have it spawn through an event dispatcher that sets a bool. The problem I’m running into is when the key bind is pressed and not held for the duration of the animation it will set the bool to true, but won’t have enough time on a quick key press to reset the bool to false thus the bool remains at true and the player can literally spam the key bind to spawn. Afterward, if you hold it for the duration it will reset, but obviously, this isn’t practical.

I’ve tried setting in the anim notifies to go FALSE - TRUE - FALSE to try to encourage someone to hold for the duration, but obviously this won’t function quite right either, most of the time.

Check out anim notify state. You can make a blueprint based on it and override the tick, end, or begin functions. This gets hooked up in the same place as your anim notify. The main difference is the anim notify state is a range in the animation, instead of just one event.

Really appreciate the advice Conrad, I learned a couple of new things tonight although it really presented the same problem. after a couple of hours of trial and error, I figured out how to just simply call the boolean and a float between the controller and the animbp. Did some toying with it though and caught a 10 minute tutorial video, it seems like it would be fairly accurate, but I was having a good amount of difficulty setting the bool to false afterward, plus i couldn’t figure out a cast wildcard lmao. I’m sure theres a more effcient way of doing it that i’ll probably experiment with later when i’m dealing with particle spawns and foot step noises etc… thanks again :slight_smile: