Spawning a pawn (propulsed from another pawn) in blueprint

hello everybodys

i want to create a pawn (a main ship) who can when the player (example players 2 )hit a trigger (inside a map who simiulate the inside of the big ship)spawn the player into another pawn (a little fighter) propulsed from a specific point in the main pawn (the big ship blueprint) (who are and can be controlled by another players (example players 3)
also i want to be able to do the same thing but reverse side (going in some specific point on the big ship blueprint with a little ship and be able to be teleported inside the maps of the bigship (at a specific point (example hangar room(like if the little ship want to hijack the big ship by mouting aboard))
if you have any idea of how to do this
will be glad for any helps

Hey darknightmare-

To make sure I understand, you want to have the player control the second pawn once the first pawn has reached a certain point, correct? In the Learn tab of the Launcher that is a section that discusses how to possess pawns that links to the documentation here: Component Local Rotation - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums


not really i will make a better explain

i have the big ship blueprint (who can be controlled by a player by entering a console),i have made a map who simulate the inside of the big ship,and i want when another players come to the little ship room and go in front of a small ship he can when pressing a button be spawned outside of the big ship blueprint (in a specific location) inside the small ship pawn propulsed like if the little ship was launched outside the big ship)

for help you to see a little more what i want to do is like the assault map AS-Mothership on UT2004 (- YouTube 13:37) but unlike the video you will spawn outside of a static meshe but outside of another ship controled pawn)

Based on the video you reference, the simplest solution would most likely be to create a second level which controls “being out of the big ship.” When the player reaches the specific location in the big ship and presses the button you can then send them to the second level where they will start outside the ship.

that already the case but the big ship is controlled by a player (and are in movement ) and i want attach the little fighter spawn pawn on this big ship pawn ) like vehicle factory on ut3

It sounds like what you would want to do is to create a box component or some other point of reference in the blueprint for the big ship. Then at the appropriate time you can spawn the small ship at that reference point and use the “Posses” node to have control switch from the big ship to the small one.

how to do that ? (and for info “Then at the appropriate time you can spawn the small ship at that reference point and use the “Posses” node to have control switch from the big ship to the small one.” is not the same player for pilot the big ship and small one is another player who can if he want go on hangar and go out with a little ship)

Hello darknightmare,

I would like to clarify what you are attempting to accomplish in order for me to understand what you are really trying to achieve and help you.

Correct me if I am wrong, but what you want is for the main player to be controlling launch-able ships from a larger ‘mother ship,’ and also for that player to be able to eject from his ‘mother-ship’ to another ship if needed?



i want be able for a player to have controlling launchable ship from a larger mother ship (who are and can be controlled by another player) ,plus do the same operation but reverse side (little ship will go to a point on the main ship to entrence in the hangar room (teleported to the hangar room)

Hey darknightmare-

Could you post a screenshot of what your blueprint looks like so far? I’m having a hard time understanding if the player is controlling a character moving around inside the large ship or if the player is controlling the large ship directly. What happens to the large ship when the player is controlling the small ship?

If the player is possessing a different pawn when they start controlling the ship then you want the blueprint for the ship itself to handle sending them back to the control room.

You could use the same technique for the small ship as well. Use a boxComponent next to the small ship and when the player is inside the box and presses E, an instance of the small ship is spawned outside and the player possess’ that pawn. Another boxComponent on the outside of the large ship could then be used to respawn the player inside the large ship and destroy the small ship.

is for a multy game

the players spawn inside the main ship (the map who simulate the interior of the ship)
if one player go on the control room and go in front of one console and press E the player can control the main ship (move it,shoot,etc) if he press e again he will return in the control room)(that not working yet that why i have created this question too How to create a Blueprint Button that controls a pawn blueprint? - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums)

if players go in the hangar room and go in front of small ship and press e (the player who have pressed e will be spawned into the small ship eject from the main ship and pilot the small ship )

if players go in the launchable exist into the big ship pawn he will be able to be aboard the main ship on the hangar room (so the small ship pawn will be destroyed and spawn the palyer into the room)

ok but how attach the boxcomponent and the pawn spawn on the main ship because when the player controlling the main ship will move the boxcomponent and the spawn pawn will be in the same place

If the main ship is a blueprint itself then you can add boxComponent to the same blueprint. As the ship moves the boxComponent will move with it to keep the same position as in the blueprint setup (so the ship can even turn and the boxComponent will rotate with it). Otherwise you can create a boxComponent and use “Attach To” to attach it to the the main ship.