Spawning a particle on destroyed character.

Hi all,

Im trying to get a particle effect to spawn and play until death on a creature that the player can kill in the game.

So pretty much, player kills creature, absorbs creature and then plays particle effect and then creature is destroyed (removed/destroyed off map)

Im wondering if anyone has had any success with this.

Ive tried doing it BP and with notifiers but since there is no death animation, just rag doll pysx, I have no idea how to trigger the particle at the characters location.

There will be a lot of these creatures in the map so they need to be able to be located or spawned on the mesh.


You could add the particle effect in the blueprint but untick auto activate, then when you get to the point where you want it, just drag off the particle node and type either activate or set active i forget which one.

Quite easy writing this on the go but your workflow in blueprint should be something like this. You can not destroy the actor before spawning the emitter at the location as there won’t be a location left.

Should be something like this.

[get world location] (from the creature) → [spawn emitter at location] (location you got from the creature) → [Destroy Actor] (creature get’s destroyed)

You could also use the [Set Actor Hidden In Game] node to hide it and destroy it after wards.

I can add a screenshot later when I’m done with dinner and back behind my PC again.

Thanks for the input guys, a SS of a BP in progress would be awesome, thanks.

Might have to chat with my programmer about not killing the creature before the emitter is spawned.

KillerSneak nailed it, exactly how I would do it. Also, do you mean by killing the creature that you destroy the actor, or just disable creature AI.

SS of particle spawn