Spawning a object with a player start component


So i wanted something like a bed which player can put in the world and spawn there when the player dies. however i am not sure how to put a player start at that location or whether to even put a player start there. using player start. also i want the player starts to named somehow. please help me out.

What i want to have is: give player a list of beds and make the player make a choice on where he wants to spawn. i want the name to be custom so the player can change it.

you your just looking to create custom spawn points then? are you looking to have them in multiple levels or only in the current level?

if its in the current level like markers then its pretty simple just create a array of actors which will be the locations to spawn. the actors can store their own names and information (location, etc). then you just need a widget which gets the array and lists the actors so you can port there or spawn there or whatever. basically you have a respawn screen which has a button for each spawn location and you have a script which uses spawn actor of class node with the spawn location as the input, then you just posses the pawn that you spawn. its really simple even if im not explaining well.

if your looking to accomplish this across levels then you may have a hard time since actors are destroyed when you exit a level. so for this case you would need a array in the game instance which is non volatile, that array would contain another array for each index and each index would correspond to a level. in this case you would need to recreate the spawn points each time the level was opened so you would need to save the location, name, and class for every spawn point.

hmm i guess its just better not using player starts then. ty