Spawning a new actor of the same class

Hi dont know if this is the right part of the forum.

I’m trying to create a form of endless runner test from the roller project. I have some problem with “Infinite Loop detected in blueprint: Cube”

You can see in the picture that I’m trying to spawn a new cubes section whenever you roll under one cube section. There is a box trigger in the passageway. It works when I’m only spawning the explosion but the spawn actor event get this error.

Thankful for any answers.

Without seeing any of your blueprints we got nuffin to go on!

The image is wide. Its a two screen capture. The right monitor shows the blueprint.

Doesn’t look like an infinite loop to me, unless you count that it’s going to spawn infinite copies of the ‘Cube’ actor by the looks of it.

Why is it a loop? It should only trigger when overlap right. And thats just once at the actual overlap begin? Or is it triggered over and over again just because im inside the trigger zone?

you have infinite loop because your blueprint is overlapping. To prevent this, drag a wire from other actor output and cast to your ball. Then only overlap done by ball will activate overlap event.

Edit : as this thread is related to blueprints, not to content, i move it to blueprint section.

I double post to add you this youtube link from epic games japan about infinite runner :

Thanks for both the answer and the youtube clip. It seems to work fine now. I also tried a solution that worked that i got from ue4 answerhub. My floor spawns a trigger box that when triggered spawns a new floor and a new trigger.

Thanks again.