Spawning a Controller Freezes the Editor

Tested in 4.7.4.

In a new project, namely Third Person Template.In PlayerController Blueprint, if you want to use Spawn Actor with Event Begin Play, it complies fine. Yet if you want to test it, the Editor freezes without any crash report. It just freezes.

I really need to make a Local Multiplayer that uses one keyboard, and this bug completely destroys my progress. D:

If anyone got a way around this, I would be happy!

This was what I was following up. And I was planning to create this;

And now it all went to hell. Q_Q

Anyhow, thank you for your time and reading!

Update: I was able to get around this by spawning the controller in game mode instead. Though it still freezes if a controller wants to spawn another controller. =)

Hello Achilleon,

After reading over your post I believe I know what may have happened to your project. It sounds like you opened up the the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint and then spawned another ThirdpersonCharacter. If this or something similar is the case it would cause an infinite loop of spawning. The first Character spawned would have the code telling it to spawn a character and that character is a duplicate of the first character which means it too will have the code telling it to spawn a character and so on and so forth. I hope this information helps.

Make it a great day

Owh. Thank you for clarification. I didn’t see any warning in that post about that. Or maybe Unreal 4 was not acting like that back then, since it’s August. Got it all working though, thanks again!

This made me realize I was spawning an item blueprint at begin play of said item blueprint. 20 mins I couldn’t figure out why the crash every time.

Thanks for the help!

They should put a loop warning in about that I think.