Spawning a container with water in it?

I am trying to create a fish tank, and want to spawn it with water in it. Is there a way to do this or is the map editor the only way?

One proposal, you have to make a blueprint for your fish tank. Than let the watervolume spawn via blueprint in your favorate position and scale. 2e792fe0975594a42c2cdba2b1ce06f9f0a78199.jpeg Place the other StaticMeshes in the component editor. That should work.

Where did you find this node in the Dev Kit. I have been unable to find it in the Event or Construction graphs.

It is a node in the event graphs. RightClick, type “spawn” an select “spawn actor from class”. Hope that helps.

Well I found it and messed around, may keep trying, but I obviously don’t know how to code enough to make it work. Maybe I will come back to it if I learn how to use the graph more. Thanks for the help though.

No Problem. Hf
If you need a tutorial, to learn the important basics for your task, try this one:

Its a Spawning volume, which let raining cows. You will find the most of blueprints logic you need for your project.


Thanks for all the help. Will see if that can teach me what I am missing. Can tell you how much I appreciate all the help.