Spawning a cableactor in blueprint crashes video driver

Adding specs here:

  • Intel Core i5 760 @ 2.8 GHz
  • 8GB Ram
  • AMD R9 285 Gigabyte (2GB VRAM, Driver version is 15.20.1062, Catalyst 15.7.1)
  • Windows 10 64 bits

Hi nightz,

I’m using a similar card but I can’t reproduce this issue. Could you post a small test project that crashes for you? That way we have a definite repro case that we can try on multiple systems.

I sketched a basic example which shows the crash (once the cable is created, if you walk around a while with the character it crashes). I replaced the JUMP event to spawn to cable, to make things easier. The CableActor component is important to make the crash happening too, so I’m including a screenshot with the component details (Not sure if included files have it).alt text

For some reason that doesn’t paste correctly for me. Everything is stacked and disconnected.


Could you just post the .uasset file?

Oh, so sorry about that, I didn’t know I could just send you the *.uasset file. Here it text

Just letting you know I couldn’t reproduce the crash on my other computer (using a R9 280 instead of 285, but AMD processor and Windows 7 64)

More details: I discovered the crash have to do with shadows, after turning the new cable “Set Cast Shadow” to false, I no longer experience the crash, not until now at least. I’ll keep trying and report if I find more information :slight_smile:

Yeah, maybe it is related to Win10 because I get occasional crashes once in a while in diff components (mainly those who messes with physics). Also, my other computer running Win7 doesn’t crash even with a very similar card.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this in-house yet (the .uasset works correctly for me), but I don’t have that exact card to test on.

It could be related to the errors we are seeing where some Windows 10 users seem to be having driver conflicts with UE4. Although 4.8 works with Windows 10, 4.9 will be better optimized for the OS.

Hi nightz,

I’m going to resolve this post for now. But if you still get this error after the official 4.9 release, please post back here to let us know.

Also try posting on the AMD forums to see if other users are having similar experiences with this card.