Spawning A Bullet Base on a Line Trace

Been wondering how i can spawn a bullet or projectile base on a line trace. I haven’t been able to come up on anything yet. I have been trying to implement a bullet spread like the one below.

I’ve managed to actually get a result of the line trace spread, but I want to make the bullet follow the spread as it currently doesn’t.

As you can see from the images below.

Any help is appreciated as I’m still a little new to Unreal Engine 4.
(If you’re wondering why I’m using 4.16, it’s because I’ve had issues importing older animations into the engine.)

so whats the issue? are you just asking how to spawn and move the bullet? you could just use the spawn actor of class node and a simple move to based on the start and hit points. or you could take the start and hit points and get the look at rotation, then set the projectiles rotation and use the projectile movement component.

Well I was just trying to get the bullets to spawn following the line trace. I did manage to figure it out with the second option you suggested.

Thanks for the fast reply and sorry that I’m replying late. I was stressing so much about this. Thank you!

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there is a much simpler way of getting that bullet offset that i found and use in my games. there are no issues hopefully it makes sense to anyone that wants it.

the vector times vector after the random vector is where you can control the offset of the weapon, you can use a vector time float or int for the same effect

I dont get it. :smiley: