Spawned Pawn isn't Valid, Can't Possess Correctly

Hello everyone,

What I’m trying to do is create a few different pawns for the player to possess that all have different control setups and for them to be hotswappable. I’m doing this by spawning in all three where the player is and hiding the ones that arent used. (VR and Stationary) My issue is that everything was fine until I added the third pawn which give the "Access None/Actor Pending from Kill’ error. There’s nothing in any blueprint that should be emitting the Kill.

I’ve completely wiped that pawn BP down to nothing and it still fails and I’ve noticed that it works fine if I ended the previous session while possessing that third pawn. It’s also spawning in the wrong place when is does work, not sure if that is related or not.

Here’s whats currently in my level BP

Any help would be appreciated, I’ve been stuck on this for too long.

Odd Update - I noticed that it works if I hit play while in any window but the main one (ei. Level PB, Any Actor BP) but in a new editor window while the main is in the background doesn’t work either. Still spawning in the wrong location though.

Wow I’m an idiot apparently, didn’t think to check the output log. The spawn collision settings were effecting what was happening. So the second pawn wouldnt spawn in the location it should and the third failed because it didn’t know where to spawn it.
Always check the log!