Spawned object showing up in world outliner, but not visible

So I’m following the programming tutorial series on youtube with the battery that empowers the character. In video 13 he creates a dummy that spawns the battery in the world. My battery gets spawned, it’s also visible in the outliner, still, I can’t see it ?! I also dragged the BP_battery manually into the scene to see how it reacts to the world when I hit play and everything’s fine (and its visible). It falls to the floor and just lies there. But when I want to spawn it via blueprints, it’s just invisible (but there, I can see the object in the outliner). I also switched the spawned object to a fire effect and the fire effect gets spawned too. The battery though is somehow invisible…

Can someone maybe explain what I’ve done wrong ?
Thx a lot in advance!!!

It is this video:

actually it’s quite a simple blueprint, nothing fancy. Battery spawns, but is not visible in the game. Any ideas ? :frowning:

UPDATE: It has to do with the blueprint I want to spawn. There’s a thread where someone complains about an object being invisible with inheritance:

Since my parent class is APickup and my child class is BatteryPickup, this could be the issue. Is it a bug in the engine ? The static mesh of the battery is inherited so yea, anyone knows whats going on there ?

So yea, I just did the tutorial with Version 4.4 (same version with which the tutorial was made) and the BatteryPickup just spawns fine.

There must be something wrong with the spawning behavior in 4.8.3 when you want to spawn a custom made actor from C++ in a blueprint…