Spawned Object getting stuck on controller...

So I am spawning a grenade from a first person controller. It spawns fine from every direction and does its thing as intended unless I look down then it gets stuck in place. Once I move it will then run its code like it should. I have tried ignoring anything with collision including the player controller, and the characters capsule collider. But it still keeps getting stuck. I have tried every spawn collision handling override and still, it collides. Anyone know what might be causing this. I was thinking along the lines of the top of the capsule collider. I know it is buggy but this is an unreal engine internal issue.

bumping this!

The spawn collision handling doesn’t make the spawned actor ignore anything, it just forces it to spawn even if something is in the way (e.g. your player character’s capsule component), but in that case it will get stuck since the physics are not yet awake at spawn (if they were it would send either your player or the grenade flying wildly at a million miles per hour).

So based on what you said, it is definitely getting caught in your player’s capsule component at spawn. What you can do to fix this is by opening the blueprint for your grenade and setting it’s collision to Custom and setting ignore Pawn (you have to do this on both the grenade’s capsule component if it has one and on the static/skeletal mesh component). You will also have to make sure that your player character’s collision capsule is still set to object type Pawn (since I suspect you might have changed it’s collision settings while trying to fix this).

Hope that helps :slight_smile: