Spawned Enemy Actors not moving and not affected by gravity

Hi guys! I’m having a problem about spawning actors with blueprints in 2D-sidescroller.
The problem is: when I put an actor to level from editor and start the game, it works perfectly fine.
BUT! When I use blueprint node of “Spawn actor from class”, it is neither affected by gravity (while it should be), nor does it move like it is supposed to (I have a custom enemy blueprint WITHOUT AI with character movement working on events, in case it matters).

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Okay, solution found) Hope it helps someone else:
When you use Character (or even Pawn, as it is possible) for enemy, you shall open your blueprint, select “Self” and browse to Pawn options. There, you will find “Auto posess” options, which should be “OnSpawned and On Created”.


Exactly, the “Auto posess” is the thing!

yeah man, this solution saved my evening:)

lol thanks a lot man, this is still a thing. why is that option even configured in that strange way?

Add Spawn Default Controller node

Thanks a lot, u save my day!