Spawned Enemy acting different then Placed Enemy


I am having a bit of trouble with spawning actors. In my game I have a bullet that shoots spacemen, and when they are hit they float away at the velocity and direction of the bullet. For some reason, placed enemies react to the bullet but spawned enemies do not. There is no code that would only occur in one and not the other. As you can see in my video, they react differently. How do I make them behave the same?

In the attached image, both spacemen start on the platform. The left spaceman is placed in the level, and when shot, gets knocked into the air. The right spaceman was spawned, and is knocked in place.

Usually when spawned actors are different than placed ones, it is the the option in the blueprint class defaults “auto possess AI.” Try setting that to “placed in world or spawned” for it to work with both and see if that fixes anything.

Thanks! That fixed it!